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Photography & Editing Personal Workshops

I am offering Personal Workshops to assist you in bringing your photography to the next level.  Either it be that you need some basic photography skills, or want to learn some neat techniques to enhance what you already know, I can teach you one-on-one how to achieve your desired result.  I also have workshops for Lightroom & Photoshop.  These courses are fantastic for learning how to properly crop, remove distractions in your photo, enhance and beautify portraits, and add artistic toning to images that will make them pop. I meet you at your level, whether a beginner or a seasoned photographer, I can help you to achieve the look that you want to transform your images into YOUR artistic vision. 

Before & After



2 hr. Q&A Field or Online Mentoring. Covers lessons in exposure, composition, focus and creative techniques to help you learn and achieve skills to obtain your desired personal results in your photography. 



One-on-One tutorials utilizing Lightroom or Photoshop to give you the skills to achieve desired results such as, cloning, skin toning, white balance adjustments, proper cropping, skin smoothing, overall artistic enhancements and much more! 

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