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Portrait Photographer - Lisa Martin Lee

Lisa is a military spouse of 29 years and a Virginia transplant. She has a great passion for fine art portraiture, rustic sceneries and possesses a diverse style in her work. She strives to show that diversity in her sessions and her gallery images exhibit both organic and fine art `collections. 

The Photographer

lisa martin lee

Originally a pastel & charcoal artist from New England, I found a love for photography at a young age. Experimenting with film cameras, my passion to take photos grew when my children were born.  Wanting to creatively share my expression of portrait artistry, I grew my portfolio and began my photography business. I also love to photograph wildlife & nature in my spare time. 

What is a Session with me like? 

Working with me is very comfortable. I am very easy going and immediately will put you at ease.  I want you to feel very comfortable to have a memorable experience.  We will have a great time talking, laughing and getting to know eachother.  I know that getting your photo taken, working with a photographer and feeling like you have to have the perfect expression, the brightest smile etc. is nerve-racking.  Be assured that your photography session will not be that way.  You will almost forget the camera is there! 


I take time getting to know you even before we meet.  I want to help you select the perfect venue that expresses who you are and what would be a fantastic fit for your backdrop. Much care and concern goes into helping you select the perfect colors, in clothing accessories and props.  We will WORK TOGETHER.  I want your experience to be fun and relaxing and I want your photos to look amazing and be a reflection of YOU! 

Why choose me as your photographer?

Creativity & Expertise!  I am not a "shoot and burn" photographer.  As an artist, I see photography not only as images but as pieces of art.   You will not just be a photographed subject but part of an experience!  That is what makes working with me so different.  I treat your images like they are beautiful art pieces that deserve the time and care to give them the utmost polished and creative look you will be proud to display and share.  Let's face it, we live in the digital age and selfies are a dime a dozen.  You deserve the ultimate experience and the best quality and care in your images and session. 

Tips for your portrait session

I just want you to feel comfortable and natural.  Do not feel that you have to be someone you are not.  If you are a person that does not wear a lot of makeup, then do not feel compelled to do so.  As far as clothing, wear something that reflects who you are. If you have a more casual style, and you just hate heels, then scratch it unless you want to. I want your experience to be comfortable and fun! This is all for YOU! And I want it to be special.

I would love to work with you. If you have any questions or would like to book a photography  session with Lisa Martin Lee Photography contact me me below.   Also feel free to call me or use email or text at 757.477.1742

I look forward to hearing from you! 

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