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Alot of girls will ask me "What should I wear to my session?" 

The first thing I recommend is to be comfortable.  Not just in your clothing, but also in what you are wearing.  If you tend to be a more casual kinda girl and feel awkward in skirts and high heels, then wear something cute and casual. What I will recommend for wardrobe will depend on where your session will take place. I want your wardrobe to match perfectly with your venue. Although some venues allow for many different wardrobe styles, say, at the beach. I would not recommend wearing a long gown and high heels for this type of session. Don't get stressed over not having just the right outfit to wear, your smile will outweigh it!  Come feeling comfortable and anticipate a fun time with your session! 

Style Guide & Wardrobe Tips
Be Yourself & Look Awesome

Guys like to dress for comfort and they should for their senior sessions.  Be yourself, whether you like to be trendy and stylish or casual, dress in something that says "you." As with any session, choosing wardrobe will depend a lot on your venue.  We want your attire to go well with your choice of location.  

Just a few reminders for the guys.. Clean shave or facial hair, either is fine, complexion, don't fuss over blemishes, I take care of that in retouching.  If changing outfits, try to keep them hung until the change to avoid wrinkles. Bring accessories if you would like, sunglasses, hats, class ring, etc. Or if you would like to use a prop that is fine also, your car or truck, sports equipment, pet, etc... 

Come feeling comfortable and anticipate a fun time with your session! 

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