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Having professional headshots done gives way to some great benefits. Let me show you some examples of how leaving it to a professional can help you.

Firstly, it presents a professional appearance. Think about how quickly some people will scroll though a website and quickly leave if they become uninterested. There is so much competition out there and everyone is wanting to be heard and seen. You want to be the one that captures the interest and eye of potential customers and clients. Your headshot should be solid and polished.

A good headshot can present you as a professional. Do not leave it to a friend or family member with a decent camera. A professional will give professional results. Polishing your headshot with retouching is a true skill and can offer a pleasing finish to your appearance.

Some might balk at the prices of professional headshots unaware of what time and skill goes into the process.

For me, getting to know my headshot client is vital. Talking a bit about your business and your goals will help me to identify great expressions, body language and poses that will help translate your personality and help to send a confident message to your viewers.

Your age, weight, or a feature you are not fond of is no issue for a professional that can choose the perfect lighting and poses that will flatter you. If you do not feel that you are particularly photogenic, a professional photographer can make you look fabulous. Not only can blemishes or skin issues be resolved though retouching but any concerns about your appearance can be addressed.

Keeping an up to date headshot on your marketing material and website will help to represent the real you. I know getting older isn't fun and we love to hang on to the older photos that make us look younger, but truly, trusting me to let the you of today look amazing in true form is the best choice. Book a headshot with me and see!

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