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More than a Selfie

When is the last time you were professionally photographed? I know for myself, I have always been the one behind the camera. Watching my girls grow up, I was always wanting to capture moments in their life and would love when Christmas would come around to get their portraits done. Although I would have to say that I may have been in only a few of them, but that was so many years ago. Now, these days, with cell phone technology we are always on-guard with camera in hand. But where do these all go? On Facebook? Sent in an email? Shared in a text? These photos are not and will never be print-worthy. I still have some very old photos of my ancestors that were passed down through the generations. It is so nice to be able to touch and cherish these special images. In their time it was a special even to be photographed. Putting on their best and combing their hair just right with great anticipation as they waited for the return of their images. It was an experience.

I would love to share in this experience with you. Taking it back to the specialness of being photographed. I want you to have for yourself those heirloom photographs that will be passed through the generations to come.

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