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Headshot Review

I love doing headshots. Partially because I love portrait photography. But also, photographing headshots is a time that I get to spend time with my client one on one and learn more about them. My goal is to create a portrait that accentuates their personality. As I talk with my client I get to see their body language, what they are excited about, what their passions are, and what they may be self conscious about. This all helps me with deciding factors of how I will photograph them to make sure that I portray who they are inside. Their profession has a lot to do with how I position them, where I will take their photograph and expressions I will lead them to. I want to make sure that the result of their headshot will be perfect. About every two years it is a good idea to update your current headshot to a fresh look. If you schedule a headshot session with me, I can assist you with choosing your wardrobe and a great venue to take your photos. It may be a the studio, your place of employment, your home, or outdoors. There are different purposes for getting a headshot. Most are for employment use and website appearance and marketing material. Some college students will want one to add to their LinkedIn account for prospective employers to view. But there are several other purposes including, social media, dating sites, theater, resume, business cards, websites, and more. If you are interested in booking a headshot session with me CONTACT ME and we can get started on giving you a new, fresh appearance on the social and marketing scene.

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