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Where Are All of Your Photos?

Print your images! Remember the days when we would take our canister of film to the drugstore and impatiently wait for the developing? How many of us have a multitude of old photos in shoe boxes or albums. Ah, those were the good ole' days. It seems that now, that the majority of our images are kept safely tucked away on memory cards, social media sites or hard disks. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you PRINT YOUR IMAGES. I would bet that many of us have several years of old photos just waiting to come back to life on our Facebook accounts. And think about it, some are even photos of our children, family, or deceased family members. Download them soon. It is so easy these days to build albums on processing sites. For the more professional photos, have them professionally printed. I am a photo restoration specialist and can repair, enhance and polish up old photos and make them new again. Family portraits make beautiful art pieces in the home and I encourage everyone to showcase your favorite photos of family, vacation spots or just your favorite images to share with guests, or to just enjoy everyday!

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