Lisa Martin Lee is a sought after portrait photographer. Photographing in all of  Hampton Roads, including but not limited to Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Yorktown, Chesapeake, Newport News, Hampton & the Greater Richmond area.  

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Photographer - Lisa Martin Lee

Lisa Martin Lee Photography specializes in emotive, fine art portrait photography.  Fine art portrait sessions are about capturing the essence of a mood and creating a work of photo art. Business headshots are tailored to represent your brand and compliment your personality. Family and high school senior photos are taken in natural light outdoors in and around the Williamsburg, and greater Richmond,  Virginia area.  If you love the idea of decorating your home with gallery quality print products and/or coffee table albums to create as keepsakes and showpieces, then let's create a work of art together for you to share and keep for a lifetime. 



Since the 1820's with the first photograph, people have been infatuated with capturing portrait images,  including myself.  Although the capabilities of photography has grown immensely throughout the years, our desire to capture moments in time hasn't ceased.  Technology has given the common person a way to hold in their hands the tools to capture great images.  With the increased capabilities of cell phones with high megapixels, we can be somewhat happy with the results.  So, then why do you need a photographer?  Most photographer's like myself, spend a small fortune on cameras, lenses, studio lighting and gear. There is no arguing that "Professional Equipment" produces "Professional Results."   So much more goes into a great image.  Together with a great camera and a talented eye images come to "life." But, it doesn't end there. This is where the real work begins.   Meticulous touchups and editing can enhance images and give them a creative, polished, high resolution result.  Also, printing with a quality professional lab is an investment that can take your images to the next level. And that is, cherishing your photos for a lifetime! 


PRINT your images! Remember the days when we would take our canister of film to the drugstore and impatiently wait for the developing?  How many of us have scores of old photos in shoe boxes or albums?  Ah, those were the good ol' days.  It seems that now, that the majority of our images are kept safely tucked away on memory cards, social media sites or hard disks. I highly recommend that you allow me to order professional prints for you.   There is a great difference in results when professional printing and processing are used.  It is an investment you will be glad you took advantage of.  

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I love headshots!  I love the opportunity to get to know my headshot clients and tailor their headshot session to their personality and career.  Headshots are also a perfect idea for college students and young adults launching in into the career world and would like a polished look on their LinkedIn profiles. 

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